Chakra, scatola




Italian artisan product ideal for young and old!
Have fun and relaxing by coloring the white spaces of the soft velvet design!

Included in the price is a box of 12 CARIOCA JOY!

Coloring box with relief design handcrafted in velvet on cardboard.

The boxes are part of the innovative Colorvelvet product line which is characterized by the use of a special absorbent paper for lining in combination with velvet. Thanks to the coating paper it is possible to obtain different shades and shades of bright, lively and compact colors, according to the techniques and types of color used, including markers, pastels, tempera and colored pencils, etc. The 1 mm thick embossed velvet, on the other hand, helps in coloring.

They become not only useful, but unique and personalized.

Informazioni aggiuntive

Dimensioni 17 × 24 × 13 cm



Set di Colori

Carioca Joy o Maxi, Carioca Acquerelli, Carioca Neon, Carioca Glitter


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