Dirigibile vetrata, quadro

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Italian artisan product ideal for young and old!
Have fun and relaxing by coloring the white spaces of the soft velvet design!

Included in the price a box of 12 CARIOCA JOY!

The Colorvelvet designs are made on a special absorbent cardboard that lends itself to being colored with the most varied techniques, offering you the possibility of obtaining numerous shades of color, simply by following the basic lines of the design.

The thickness of the soft velvet, which traces the guidelines of the design, accompanies the hand in the drafting of the color. Once finished coloring they become a small work of art.

Coloring against stress, benefits:

  • A 2012 US study of college students found that coloring pre-drawn patterns reduces anxiety and low mood significantly.
  • Staying within the lines can instill a sense of control and mastery over one’s life. The movement of the pencil or crayon back and forth within predetermined boundaries is said to be perceived as a form of containment.
  • “Coloring alone”: it can be an activity that encourages concentration and according to some experts, “coloring” offers the additional advantage of taking us back to the simpler times of childhood.
  • “Coloring in company”: activates a whole series of positive mechanisms given by being together and sharing with others.

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Dimensioni 47 × 35 × 0,2 cm




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