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Three flaps folder with elastic closure and soft velvet relief design to color, with markers included in the package.

Soft and velvety, the new Colorvelvet folders, very capacious thanks to the thickness of the back of almost cm. 2, are ideal as a document holder. Thanks to the weight of the cardboard in which the Colorvevet folders are made, they can also be used as a note holder to always keep with you. Colorvelvet folders are artistic, creative and fun. The special absorbent coating paper lends itself to being colored with the most varied coloring techniques and offers the possibility of obtaining different shades of color following the basic lines of the design, made of velvet with a thickness that helps in the drafting of the colors. Currently available in 14 different subjects, the folders become, once finished coloring, an object that is not only useful, but absolutely unique and personalized.

All Colorvelvet products are produced by the Painting Velvet company in Arenzano (GE) and comply with EEC regulations and safety standards.

12 free markers !

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Set di Colori

Carioca Joy o Maxi, Carioca Acquerelli, Carioca Neon, Carioca Glitter


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